For the past several months there has been a debate going on about Vote By Mail. The question seems to be, is voting by mail safe and will your vote g...View Details

We Said We Would Not Forget 9/11/01 Those of us who were adults living when four American passenger aircraft were hijacked on the morning of September...View Details

Today I have the pleasure to visit with my friend and MN State Representative from my area, Paul Novotny. Paul retired on May 28, 2020 as a Patrol Sar...View Details

I want to say Thank You to my Elk River Mayor John Dietz, my city councilmen Garrett Christianson of Ward 1 and the other three council members, Matt ...View Details

In this Podcast I talk about How to Start a WordPress Website to Safeguard Your Income in light of the New Economy we are moving into. Many people are...View Details

The first time I met Garrett Christianson he was at my front door as he was visiting our neighborhood in the fall of 2018 when he was running for the...View Details

Pastor Matthew Berry and his wife Elisa are the Network Directors of a new church in Zimmerman, Minnesota called The Jesus Following. Their desire to ...View Details

WHAT IF, what if your plans for you life, education, business, family... what if those plans suddenly all fall apart? What do you do when things all o...View Details

Today I interviewed my friend Andy Mason the founder of Heaven in Business in Redding, CA. Late last summer Andy and his wife Janine were beginning to...View Details

Today is the First Day of Spring 2020 on March 19th. It is also the Launch Day for my business, Mission Springs Marketing. After being away from Digit...View Details

Episode #6 Faith vs Fear

You can't control everything that is going on around you regarding the Coronavirus but, you can control where your focus is.

This is a short update about my new journey into Podcasting. I have been learning from several Podcasters about tools and techniques to follow. I will...View Details

Episode #4, David Rives

David Rives and his program, Creation in the 21st Century, is one of my favorites to watch. David has guests who share about the largest scientific d...View Details

If you have dreams in your heart for your life, family, business, finances start giving voice to them. Speak out your dreams to yourself and share ...View Details

Episode #2 Retirement

Today while waiting on an oil change for my car at Walmart I recorded this Podcast with my thoughts regarding retirement. I talk about how the idea of...View Details

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